Unicorn Sweat

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Made with sweat wrung from 1000 unicorn gym shirts, this clear putty shines with a lavender light within.

Thankfully, unicorn sweat smells pretty good.

This will help you focus, develop motor skills, and relieve anxiety.

Like we said, magic!

Putty Details:

  • Putty base is crystal clear, stretchy, and bouncy. Our recipe is magical and we promise it's the best clear putty on the market. 
  • Filled with purple shift glitter and a touch of fairy dust that gives it an extra special gleam when you twist it up. 
  • Turns a gorgeous silvery white color during play, then clears up within an hour when you let it sit in the can.

This Limited Edition Line of Putty Features:

  • Soothing lavender scent - anti-anxiety, anti-nausea, stress reducing
  • Non-sticky texture
  • Bouncy!
  • Stretchable, breakable, poppable
  • Nontoxic, ASTM certified
  • Gold foil stamped labels with original artwork

About Mythical Slyme

  • Mythical creatures are endangered because humans are losing their belief in magic
  • Unicorns, mermaids, and other creatures have banded together to donate their literal blood, sweat, and tears to fundraise and raise awareness
  • Buy a putty, save a unicorn! 

Does your putty contain borax?

Homemade slimes can contain irritating amounts of borax. Our putties have been lab tested and contain less than .005% boric acid by weight, lower than the detectable threshold. (All putties are made primarily from silicone oil with a small amount of boric acid that causes it to cross link.)