Unicorn Blood

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Don’t worry your sweet little head about the alarming name - unicorns freely and safely donated their blood towards the cause of unicorn conservation. And what a treat! Unlike the blood of boring mammals (red) or weird looking crustaceans and octopi (powder blue), unicorns buck the trend with a shimmering, duochrome green-purple whose color shifts in the light and in your hands.

Trust the most magical of mythical beasts to have such hauntingly gorgeous stuff running through their veins! In some lights, it’s green. In some, a dusky violet. Pull and twist it, and the slime turns translucent gray, then deep emerald green again when compacted.

If we may co-opt a Britishism, it’s pretty bloody amazing.

Ethically harvested from only the finest unicorns. 100% cruelty-free. No unicorns were harmed in the making of this product.

Magically does not dry out. Great for fidgeting. Comes in a 1.7 oz tin.