Mythical Slyme Mermaid Set

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Plenty hours of Mythical Fun - Help save the mermaids with this ethically harvested, all-organic, 100% cruelty-free mermaid slime that’s entirely magical.

  • Guaranteed to be Mermaid approved - Ethically harvested from only the finest mermaids, Mythical Slyme is a purely magical experience for the slime lovers. Mythical Slyme combines the best of all worlds: the shimmer of glitter slime, the strength building resistance of therapy slime, and the soothing effect of a stress ball. This slime will fulfill your wildest mermaid dreams.
  • Squishy, Gooey and Breakable - Are you feeling bored? Mermaids never get bored! Stretch and pull to your according to your heart's content with this glittery slime that doesn't leave a mess behind. Try mixing multiple colors to create your very own personal shade of mermaid slime!
  • Magical Properties - Nontoxic and oil-based, this is a gift that yields hours of nonstop fun along with saving the mermaids.
  • Comes in 6 Gorgeous Colors - Available as Mermaid Hair (Apple Red Color with Rainbow Glitter Accents), Mermaid Fart (Minty Green Color) , Mermaid Poop (Majestic Purple Color with Green Glitter Accents) , Mermaid Shell (Ocean Blue Color with Glitter Accents), Mermaid Tail (Clear Blue Color with Green and Blue Glitter Accents) and Mermaid Tears (Pretty Pink Color with Orange, Green and Blue Glitter Accents).

Comes in 4.5oz container.