Mystery Large Tin
Mystery Large Tin
Mystery Large Tin
Mystery Large Tin

Mystery Large Tin

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This is a Magic Slyme®: a mythical, magic concoction that requires industrial equipment and chemistry expertise to finesse just the right consistency. (Plus, you know, unicorns.)

It's been tested by 2 third party labs to ensure quality and safety standards. 

This isn't made from glue. 

For one, it never dries out. Ever. 

It doesn't leave residue on your hands or make a mess.

It bounces, it stretches, it breaks, it pops, and it arrives crystal clear.

Homemade clear slime is difficult and time consuming to pull off.

Magic Slyme® aren't sticky, don't "melt", clear up quickly, and provide hours of beautiful stress relief and fun. 

It isn't messy and goopy. It stimulates the senses with satisfying crackles, color changes, and calming lavender scent. 

It's perfect for helping adults and kids focus at school, home, and work. 

Imagine having this secret weapon next time you're about to crawl up the walls with anxiety or bite your fingernails. 

Plus, you can let it sit out uncovered for years. Or let it drip over any nonporous surface for some stunning visual FX. And you can just peel it off and do it again, good as new. 

That's how you know it's Magic Slyme®.