Unicorn Kiss
Unicorn Kiss
Unicorn Kiss
Unicorn Kiss
Unicorn Kiss
Unicorn Kiss

Unicorn Kiss

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Ever experience the kiss of a unicorn? You’re missing out.

    Filled with magical, blush-inducing essence, a Unicorn’s kiss makes you putty in their hooves. More importantly, the heat of your skin turns this purple slime a vibrant hot pink hue. Trust us. It’s pretty magical.

    It’s important to point out that Unicorn Kiss also has a big shot of glittery goodness throughout. Shine on, you crazy diamond.

    Collectible charm included!

    Ethically harvested. 100% authentic. Cures boredom, fidgeting, and other serious ailments.

    Putty Details:

    • This is an opaque base with a firmer handfeel. This allows you to do more fun things with shaping!
    • It will either be purple (cool ambient temperature) or pink (warm ambient temperature). Try running it under cold water, hot water, writing on it with ice, or putting it in the freezer.

    This Limited Edition Line of Putty Features:

    • Soothing lavender scent - anti-anxiety, anti-nausea, stress reducing
    • Non-sticky texture
    • Bouncy!
    • Stretchable, breakable, poppable
    • Nontoxic, ASTM certified
    • Gold foil stamped labels with original artwork

    About Mythical Slyme

    • Mythical creatures are endangered because humans are losing their belief in magic
    • Unicorns, mermaids, and other creatures have banded together to donate their literal blood, sweat, and tears to fundraise and raise awareness
    • Buy a putty, save a unicorn!

    Does your putty contain borax?

    Homemade slimes can contain irritating amounts of borax. Our putties have been lab tested and contain less than .005% boric acid by weight, lower than the detectable threshold. (All putties are made primarily from silicone oil with a small amount of boric acid that causes it to cross link.)  


    Brand: Unicorn Tears

    UPC: 045399303967 (large tin)

    UPC: 045399298713 (small tin)


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